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This Executive Degree program is endorsed and awarded by SEGi College Subang Jaya and is a joint-certification with our strategic educational partner Graymatter FA.

This program is delivered and managed by Graymatter FA.

This program is a non-accredited program or non-recognized by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

This program shall not carry any weightage nor any credit transfer to any fully accredited MQA program.

All fees and/or charges payable with respect to the Program undertaken must be paid in full by the due date. No fees should be paid to anyone except to [PARTNER’S NAME] itself.

Fee payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank draft and credit card. Students need to quote their name and Student number (where available) when making payment.

Where a Student wishes to defer his Program:

Under special circumstances, the Student may request in writing to defer the Program, but subject to the following:

If a Student defers for more than the stipulated duration, all fees paid may be forfeited (unless waived by Graymatter FA’s management.)

Where a deferment is approved in the manner stated at paragraph 2(i) above, one hundred percent (100%) of the unutilized Tuition Fees, and Registration Fees paid shall not be refunded but shall be held by Graymatter FA.

Graymatter FA may require the Student to top-up any shortfall in fees and/or charges should the fees and/or charges have increased at the point in time when the Student commences or continues his Program at a later date.

During the period of a Student’s deferment of a Program, Graymatter FA reserves the right to make any changes or modification to the Program including changes to the Program design, structure, content, mode of delivery or even discontinuing parts of or the entire Program without incurring any liability against the Student. Where changes to the Program do not differ materially from the Program offered to the Student prior to deferment, the Student shall agree to take/continue the Program in its modified state.

In the event student fail to submit the assessment or course work assignment on time or fail the module taken, there will be no certificate of completion to be awarded.

However, student can re-sit for the assessment with RM 300 per module.

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